Eating Avocado With Meat, Blunts The Inflammatory Effects of The Meat Consumption

If you are not convinced about the universal awesomeness of avocados, then there is no hope for you. Just kidding! Check out this interesting study on on how avocado blunted the harmful effects of eating a hamburger patty #GuacPower.

Li et al., 2013 conducted a study that investigated the effect of adding avocado to a hamburger on vasodilation and inflammation. 11 healthy subjects on two separate occasions consumed either a 250 g hamburger patty alone or together with 68 grams of avocado, to assess effects on vascular health.

The Findings:

  1. 2 hours after eating the hamburger meat, their blood vessels significantly constricted and blood pressure increased. This did not occur when avocado as eaten together with the burger.
  2. Scientists looked at the cells & blood samples of both groups. It was observed that inflammatory markers like Ikappa-B alpha (IκBα) & NF-kappa B (NFkB) protein concentrations were significantly elevated at 3 hours after the hamburger meat was consumed (131%) vs. only (58%) the avocado with meat group.
  3. Another inflammatory marker called Interleukin 6 (IL-6) increased significantly at 4 hours after eating the burger. No change was observed when avocado was added.
  4. Serum triglyceride concentration increased, but did not further increase when avocado was ingested with the burger compared to burger alone (despite the added fat and calories from the avocado).

These observations are suggestive of beneficial anti-inflammatory and vascular health effects of ingesting added Hass avocado with a hamburger patty.

Charred Meats and Cancer:

You should avoid eating well done meats all together if possible to lower your risk of cancer. However, if you do consume grilled meats make sure you eat something green with it – like an avocado ; )


Li, Z., Wong, A., Henning, S. M., Zhang, Y., Jones, A., Zerlin, A., . . . Heber, D. (2013). Hass avocado modulates postprandial vascular reactivity and postprandial inflammatory responses to a hamburger meal in healthy volunteers. Food Funct., 4(3), 384-391. Retrieved from