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Tonsil Stones Can Be A Manifestation Of Dairy Sensitivity

Have you ever had white lumps in the back of you throat? They can cause you to have bad breath, cause your lymph nodes & throat to feel swollen or sore. Pretty unpleasant to deal with! Well, you are not alone. They are called Tonsilloliths, or “Tonsil Stones.” It was a bit challenging to find a lot of research on…

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Dairy Can Cause Early Puberty, Menstruation & Acne

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Dairy is a very common food sensitivity that most people don’t even realize they have. I stand by the comical (yet true) saying that functional medicine doctor Dr. Steven Noseworthy stated at numerous conferences “Wheat is the devil and Dairy is the henchman!”  Food sensitivities can  manifest in many different ways in the body. The most common foods to cause…

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