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Frankincense Essential oil in brown glass bottle from Doterra

Hello Everyone! My last post caused quite a stir (in a good way)! If you didn’t catch it, click here!

So many women have dense or fibrocystic breast tissue. Fibrocystic breast tissue can be caused by:

  1. Low progesterone levels
  2. Low iodine levels
  3. Intake of too much caffeine
  4. Imbalanced Estrogen levels

My last post showed the before and after thermography scan’s of a patient who applied Frankincense essential oil to her chest for 3 months when her thermography evidenced fibrocystic breasts, asymmetrical thermal patterns, inflammation and suspicious activity in her breast thermography.

Thermography of breasts - 6/21/18 Pre rubbing frankincense oil on breasts.

6/20/18 : Initial thermography  showing inflammation, suspicious activity and fibrocystic breast tissue.

Thermography of breasts after use of frankincense oil. Reduced inflammation.

9/21/18 : Post 3 months of applying frankincense oil on breasts.

For 3 months she rubbed frankincense essential oil on her chest and it completely resolved her inflammation! The before and after scans were like night and day!

When I posted this on my instagram (@thehealthymelissa) there were many many women who had shared their experience on what they used frankincense oil for. All ranging from ovarian cysts, ovarian tumor & even rubbing on the chest for a sore throat. In my post i had cited studies that found frankincense oil to disrupt cancer cell signaling pathways in aggressive breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and bladder cancer. Frankincense oil was even featured as an adjunct treatment on The Truth About Cancer docu-series!

Frankincense essential oil in a glass brown bottle from DoTerra.


I am happy to announce that I have added an Essential Oils tab to my blog, so that you can order high quality, food-grade essential oils at your convenience. Woooohooo!






If you want to share YOUR story about what essential oils have done for you or a loved one, please post them in the comments!